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Health Care Reform - Busting the three Biggest Myths of Ob a

In the previous few months we've seen plenty of Health Care
Reform rules and laws being introduced by the ...

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How Far Can You Trust Online Reviews?

How Far Can You Trust Online

Before making a purchase,
you probably check online to see what other people ...


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Can sustainability be a measure of happiness?

Sustainable Happiness: "Happiness that contributes to individual, community or global well-being and does not exploit other people, the environment, or ...

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Distributed access to insurance

A year ago I shared my initial thoughts around our first blockchain efforts for insurance. Our work at Swiss Re ...

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Change the future of migration: help farmers

"Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development."

The slogan of this year's World Food ...

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I had an opportunity to visit Zambia sometime in December 2016 and witnessed the devastation caused by the crippling drought ...

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Can microinsurance be a viable investment?

In complement to the blog that we are publishing on our website this week, I want to ask the question ...

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Primer Taller de Seguros Paramétricos para Reguladores LAC

“Primer Taller Regional de Seguros Paramétricos para autoridades de Regulación y Supervisión en América Latina y el Caribe”

Hotel Grand ...


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Strengthening the agricultural sector in Africa

I got back from my first client visit to Africa at the 5th Swiss Re Agriculture Insurance Roundtable in Nairobi ...

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Pasture lands in MX - insured against drought via satellites

Back in January this year a small group of my team together with our local partner ProAgro hit the road ...

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Bringing agriculture insurance to African farmers

Farming provides a living for two out of three people in Sub Saharan Africa. But when hail, floods, drought or ...

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The scoop on product recall risk

When an ice cream manufacturer issues a recall it’s not just a headache for ice cream lovers, it becomes ...

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Reinsurance: A force against Climate Change & Species Loss

A reinsurer underwrites a risk that is initially borne by a different party, thereby transferring part of that risk to ...

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El Niño: Let's not limit the conversation to the weather

Kin Hubbard, an early 20th century American journalist, once said, "Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change ...

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