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A browser plugin to screen clothing made by child labor

Someone has invented a browser plugin that uses data to block items that are made by child labor. This is ...

STORY URL: "Avoid" Browser Plugin Blocks Out Clothing Products Made by Child Laborers | Ecouterre
Want to avoid buying clothing made by child laborers? There's an app for that.

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Agriculture as the villain

The most striking element of the second Swiss Re Regional Day, this time in London, was the way in which ...

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Save resources by simple personal discipline

We all know by now the great EU objective "20-20-20" (20% of energy savings, 20% of usage of renewable energy ...

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Sustainable change in SA

While in South Africa, the Open Minds film team met with Davin Chown, Director of Genesis Eco-Energy. He spoke with ...

STORY URL: Davin Chown's Page
Davin Chown's Page on Africa Sustainable Energy & Environment Platform

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