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Parametric for the people

Today, the majority of the world's risks are uninsured. However, population growth, wealth concentration in cities and economic development ...


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Make Asia More Resilient - Closing the NatCat Protection Gap

Integrated actions needed to build resilience against frequent and forceful natural catastrophes amidst climate change

In 2017, Swiss Re counted ...

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Change the future of migration: help farmers

"Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development."

The slogan of this year's World Food ...

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Hack Zurich 2017 - Weathernomics challenge met!

HackZurich is celebrated as one of the largest and most prestigious hackathons in Europe. During this year's event in ...

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Parametric insurance solutions, key to closing the protection gap

Swiss Re approximates that 75% of the world's insurable values do not have any protection. This is a bafflingly ...

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