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Asia Pacific underprepared for demographic shifts

We all face some big challenges in our lives. But how we respond to them, and the choices we make ...

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The world does not care about hunger

While billions face starvation the topic hunger was not high on the agenda in the risk perception survey

http://riskwindow ...

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An interesting look at the views of younger vs. older age groups in both the UK and Japan

In answer to the question, 'Looking ahead, 20 years from now, how likely do you think it will be that ...

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Food waste - first comprehensive FAO/UNEP report

The Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey found that 68 % of those polled think that waste is the # 1 for food ...

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Departure to new ideas

Awaiting my delayed flight home after facilitating a funding longer lives dialogue session in Zurich yesterday, I'm reflecting on the ...

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Higher risk perception enables us to act with foresight

Managing risks begins with subjective perception. Ideally, this happens well before an event takes place, enabling us to prepare adequately ...

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Global survey - Do Europeans not know their insurance cover?

Comparing countries with comprehensive natural perils insurance for all goods like in France, Switzerland or UK with the opposite (China ...

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Opening children's eyes is key

Commenting on the findings of Swiss Re's Risk Perception Survey, CRO David Cole, says the findings show that the old ...

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Perceptions may not be reality? China vs. US survey views.

There is a wealth of data in the risk perceptions survey, and no doubt some of the results will be ...

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70% say 'retirement? It's my responsibility'

When faced with the dilemma of what action they'd take to ensure a financially secure retirement, 70% see individual ...

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The Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey: more than just numbers

Our just-released Risk Perception survey is full of interesting results gleaned from interviews with folks around the world. With a ...

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