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An Act of God? No Sir, an Act of Man

With the huge impacts of Irma, Harvey and Maria, the Atlantic Hurricane Season got extensive media coverage[1] last year ...

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Have you ever wondered if an encyclopedia could also be used in shaping-up re/insurance products? Or, did you ever ...

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Unsafe at any speed- 21st century edition

Fifty years after Ralph Nader's bestseller "Unsafe at Any Speed" which resulted in a public outcry against cars built ...

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Can you name the "unthinkable" liability catastrophes?

Over the last six months, I attended several insurance events and followed a few panel sessions on liability catastrophes and ...


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India: Motor insurers stuck in a time warp?

The picture above is of a 1959 Chevy Bel Air, with aircraft inspired side trim and batwing fins. I could ...

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Liability exposures uncovered with forward-looking modeling

Few products in re/insurance are as challenging to model as liability due to its long-tail nature and its susceptibility ...


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The scoop on product recall risk

When an ice cream manufacturer issues a recall it’s not just a headache for ice cream lovers, it becomes ...

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Should 18 Years=18 Wheels?

Congress to vote on lowering the interstate 'big rig' truck driving age from 21 to 18.

The DRIVE Act (Developing ...

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Are you paying enough attention to liability catastrophes?

The casualty results of insurance companies have generally been very good over the last few years. A few catastrophic events ...

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Drones evolving at the speed of light

Faster than a speeding bullet? Not quite.

The latest drone flies at a speed of "only" 20 meters per second ...

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Progress at a price

Accumulation risk extends to every walk of life; it’s part and parcel of an increasingly interconnected and complex world ...

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Big Data and Advanced Analytics for Casualty Risks

Insurance companies sell a product where the main component of the cost of production is not directly measurable. Therefore, the ...

STORY URL: sigma | Swiss Re - Leading Global Reinsurer
sigma insurance reports offer In-depth analysis of economic trends and strategic issues in insurance, reinsurance and financial services, covering life and non-life business.

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Will the ACA raise the cost of casualty claims?

Liability insurers often raise two concerns about the ACA--but does the empirical evidence suggest significant cause for worry?

Earlier today ...

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Casualty folks - the Affordable Care Act applies to you!

Calling all Casualty folks - the Affordable Care Act applies to you!

If you tuned in to your television news or ...

STORY URL: How Will the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Affect Liability Insurance Costs? | RAND
This report identifies potential mechanisms through which health care reform might affect claim costs for several major types of liability coverage, especially auto insurance, workers' compensatio...

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When will every car be driverless?

By 2050, almost every car will be driverless, according to IHS' latest study “Emerging Technologies: Autonomous Cars—Not If, But ...

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