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The Zombie System: How Capitalism Has Gone Off the Rails

We have to wonder what we are doing in the risk industry about this problem

STORY URL: The Zombie System: How Capitalism Has Gone Off the Rails - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Six years after the Lehman disaster, the industrialized world is suffering from Japan Syndrome. Growth is minimal, another crash may be brewing and the gulf between rich and poor continues to wide...

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Big data rocks, or does it?

In very general terms, big data expertise means the ability to analyze vast amounts of information in order to make ...

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Ethics & Insurance

In pursuit of profitability or worse in pursuit of top-line, it's true that firms have often ignored business ethics ...

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Are you willing to have a little less?

When we interviewed people for our Open Minds trailer we met a wonderful diversity of people, among them Dr. Carmenza ...

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Food security and inequality: something's got to give

Being able to sit in on a 'fishbowl' dialogue session on the topic of food security at Swiss Re's 150 ...

STORY URL: How to Double Global Food Production by 2050 and Reduce Environmental Damage: Scientific American
Five steps, reflected in the maps below, could be taken to help feed the large population predicted for 2050 as well as reduce the sizeable harm agriculture imposes

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The risks of fairness

Insurance since time immemorial has always supported society in times of need by sharing of risks- the losses of a ...

STORY URL: Do personalised premiums mean the end of risk pooling?
"With insurance no longer a matter of risk pooling, policyholders pay a fairer premium". Is this true? And what are the implications for insurance?

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The way food feels

When I was in high school, I took part in a taste experiment where participants were asked to identify the ...

STORY URL: Lawyers of Big Tobacco Lawsuits Take Aim at Food Industry
More than a dozen lawyers who took on Big Tobacco have filed 25 cases asserting that manufacturers like ConAgra Foods and PepsiCo are misleading consumers and violating federal law.

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Maybe we're crazy

Kathleen Taylor, a neurologist at Oxford University, suggests that we may one day treat fundamentalism, or any entrenched belief, as ...

STORY URL: Religious fundamentalism could soon be treated as mental illness
Kathleen Taylor, a neurologist at Oxford University, said that recent developments suggest that we will soon be able to treat religious fundamentalism and other forms of ideological beliefs poten...

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Transparency in pharma

On July 2, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Assocations (EFPIA) announced that from 2016 all its members would ...

STORY URL: Bad Science

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Mas ética y menos religiones

Las religiones están bien en general, pero si no tenemos ética difícilmente podremos acatar las reglas/mandamientos de dichas religiones ...

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Human enhancement = Loooongevity?

Thought-provoking for sure - Andy Miah, Director at the Creative Futures Institute and Chair of Ethics and Emerging Technologies - has an ...

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Doing the right thing – without being asked

Over one thousand people In Bangladesh are crushed to death when a garment factory they are working in collapses around ...

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Too individualised premiums?

For insurers, trends continue towards individual premiums taking into account not only individual risk factors, but also commercial factors as ...

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