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Tackling climate change: we can, but why don't we?

I just stepped out of a fishbowl – and I've got some good news and some bad news. But I'm getting ...

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Clean energy fresh from the fishbowl

Do markets lead us in the right energy direction? That was one of the themes touched upon in a fishbowl ...

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Higher risk perception enables us to act with foresight

Managing risks begins with subjective perception. Ideally, this happens well before an event takes place, enabling us to prepare adequately ...

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Global survey - Do Europeans not know their insurance cover?

Comparing countries with comprehensive natural perils insurance for all goods like in France, Switzerland or UK with the opposite (China ...

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Perceptions may not be reality? China vs. US survey views.

There is a wealth of data in the risk perceptions survey, and no doubt some of the results will be ...

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70% say 'retirement? It's my responsibility'

When faced with the dilemma of what action they'd take to ensure a financially secure retirement, 70% see individual ...

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The Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey: more than just numbers

Our just-released Risk Perception survey is full of interesting results gleaned from interviews with folks around the world. With a ...

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I will be the moderator at Swiss Re's 150 Years Anniversary events. My starting point is that the two ...

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