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Diversity of thought to solve challenging business problems

Thirty one bright minds sat around the conference table, looking at me expectantly. They were lawyers, engineers, marketers, IT specialists ...

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Bringing agriculture insurance to African farmers

Farming provides a living for two out of three people in Sub Saharan Africa. But when hail, floods, drought or ...

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Food security and the importance of agricultural insurance

The opportunity to find ways of producing more food in an efficient manner to feed a growing global population is ...

STORY URL: The Next Global Breadbasket: How Latin America Can Feed the World: A Call to Action for Addressing Challenges & Developing Solutions

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Providing food and energy for the future

There has been a lot of discussion around feeding and powering the population of 9 billion expected by 2050. Meeting ...

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Haiyan & rural resilience for the poor

The floods of Haiyan are receding - and slowly it's becoming known how big the disaster is; not only in ...

STORY URL: Could micro-insurance help the poorest communities deal with climate change?
Dramatic storms like Haiyan are becoming normal and affecting the poorest populations; micro-insurance promises to increase their resilience

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The agricultural disconnect

I've just come across Syngenta's brilliant new report on The Agricultural Disconnect, which looks at people's perceptions around the topic ...

STORY URL: Risk Window | Swiss Re;cnt=266286;age=1

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Agriculture as the villain

The most striking element of the second Swiss Re Regional Day, this time in London, was the way in which ...

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Trading microbes for pesticides

The American Academy of Microbiology have recently published a report in which they claim that improving the understanding of the ...

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