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Overcoming the increased burden of diabetes

As National Diabetes Week comes to an end in Australia, as a member of the life insurance industry, I couldn ...

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Obesity and Insulin: A toxic relationship

Everyone is shaking their head in disbelief. Me included. The latest JAMA paper on obesity trends in the US says ...


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Does genetics help to predict your diabetes risk?

We are well aware of the conventional predictors for type 2 diabetes. Besides non-modifiable factors such as age, gender, ethnic ...

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Stick to it! How to make better behaviours last.

What are the key drivers of long-term behaviour change in type 2 diabetes patients?

During the interesting panel discussion at ...

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Cancer Day 2017 - prevention AND cure

Sparks of brilliance and pockets of hope – that's what I see when it comes to newer, more effective cancer ...

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Drama and deceit revealed in our upside down food pyramid

We've been led to believe fat is bad, and carbohydrates are good. Turns out our food pyramid is upside ...

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Diabetes Complications...To Project? or Not To Project?

If you are a statistician, you may face this dilemma.... To project or not to project?

I have been writing ...

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Diabesity- are we ready? ........................Google is..

By 2030, more than half a billion of world population would be suffering from Diabetes. The rapid increase in diabetes ...

STORY URL: Diabetes 'smart lens' tested by Google

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