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China: crisis or no crisis? And what it means for insurers

Even though Asian markets popped higher overnight, this does not deter from the question: is China in slowdown, or is ...


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Are we ready for our future care needs?

Ageing populations will be a defining characteristic of most Asian societies in the coming decades. Attention is commonly focused on ...


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Hyperconnectivity and the insurance landscape

More and more people are living highly connected lives and dealing with unexpected consequences. Governments have started to take notice ...

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Funding Healthy Ageing: Listening to the Customer’s Voice

Around the world people are living longer lives – life expectancy in Asia has risen by 12 years for men and ...

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Never retire? Cut spending? What's your call?

I'm now in Tokyo getting ready for Swiss Re's first 150 Years Anniversary event in Asia.

With "Abeconomics ...

STORY URL: Risk perception survey - Japan | Swiss Re - Leading Global Reinsurer

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Is Asia-Pacific ready for frequent events like Typhoon Usagi

The Asia-Pacific region comprises 52 percent of the Earth's surface area and 40 percent of the world's population ...

STORY URL: Typhoon Usagi Destroys Homes, Causes Dozens Of Deaths In China : NPR
The typhoon, which stormed ashore north of Hong Kong on Sunday evening, has been blamed for at least 25 deaths in south China's Guangdong province. Some 8,490 houses reportedly collapsed in the ty...

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