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三月中旬的西雅图和撒冷温暖湿润、气候宜人,来自约翰霍普金斯大学保罗尼采高级国际研究学院(SAIS)的一行人来到北美西北岸,展开了为期一周的实地调研。这项调研活动由四位SAIS学生联合瑞士再保险公司发起,旨在探究该地区(英属哥伦比亚 ...


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Lights Out: Keeping Power Grid Running in Natural Disasters

The widespread power outage caused by natural disasters has become a rising and evolving risk all over the world. Superstorm ...

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How to store green energy to power the world

Would you also love a world where all our "hunger" for energy was covered by Wind and Solar Power - and ...

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Solving the Grid Storage issue: HHS Hydraulic Hydro Storage

Electric power grids have always been a delicate balancing act between demand and supply. The massive arrival of fluctuating solar ...

STORY URL: Lageenergiespeicher: Strom aus Windkraftwerken und Solaranlagen speichern
Der Lageenergiespeicher kann mehrere 1000 GWh Strom in einem Felsen speichern.

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