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Insurance? It’s never too early

Many companies have mentor programs for young employees, but I like to think the best companies plant the seeds earlier ...

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New Opportunities for Attracting Millennials

     In retrospect, I should have pursued a career in insurance sooner. During my college sophomore year, friends chided me for ...


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When a perk is more than a perk

I had to chuckle the other day when I read the headline, “Juice cleanses among 2017’s top employee perks ...

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The Millennials are at the door. Should we let them in?

Hello, Millennials. Please take my insurance careers quiz.

- Are you inquisitive?
- Are you attracted to limitless challenges?
- Do you want ...

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Generational Diversity at Work

A millennial co-worker asked me why the workers compensation claim frequency continues to decline each year after sharing my learnings ...

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Renters aren't ready to rumble

Did you know that in 1996 over 45% of residential rental policies also included earthquake insurance? Today that number is ...

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Insurance is boring......isn't it?

You’re at a party and are introduced to someone new. The conversation quickly turns to 'so what do you ...

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Life insurance, the digital way

Miles and Taylor have been married for a year. They’re both 26. They're renting a condo in an ...

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The way ahead for our millennials

As always, the Global Risks Report, published annually by the World Economic Forum, provides government and private sector decision-makers with ...

STORY URL: Global Risks Report 2014 | Swiss Re - Leading Global Reinsurer
High unemployment, the rising cost of education and an aging population...

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