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Flooding and the higher ground

Of all the earth’s perils, flooding is arguably the most vexing. It’s invasive, aggressive and unpredictable. It can ...

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Are you ready for Sigma 3? World insurance premiums

On Wednesday 29 June the next edition of our World Insurance sigma will come out. This third sigma study of ...

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Sigma 1/2016: Asia and Asians suffer substantial catastrophe

Total economic losses, and number of deaths, from disaster events in Asia have been higher than in any other region ...


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Big Data and Advanced Analytics for Casualty Risks

Insurance companies sell a product where the main component of the cost of production is not directly measurable. Therefore, the ...

STORY URL: sigma | Swiss Re - Leading Global Reinsurer
sigma insurance reports offer In-depth analysis of economic trends and strategic issues in insurance, reinsurance and financial services, covering life and non-life business.

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Five things to watch for as the global recovery continues

The outlook for the global economy is pretty good, with strong growth in the US in the second half of ...

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Learning from floods

Swiss Re published the much-awaited yearly sigma study on natural catastrophes last week. The highlights: In 2013, there were 308 ...

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