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Construction Risk Management Conference

The global construction market continues to grow despite economic uncertainty in Europe and worldwide. Risk managers in this sector need ...

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Claims of today: Are we future ready?

The insurance industry and the world around are changing with a rapid pace. New technologies, social media, big data, and ...


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Harvesting energy in stormy seas

The energy sector has come under particular scrutiny as sustainable solutions are needed to contribute to the strengthening of the ...

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What's Your Remedy?

Health insurance for payers is rife with issues of all shapes and sizes. How to deal with them all, from ...

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Drones taking off in the insurance industry

The insurance industry holds many types of reputations, but one thing that many people would agree on is its ability ...

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What exactly is a "claims commitment?"

The Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' claims team has been developing a road map for our clients to better understand our ...

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Big Data and Advanced Analytics for Casualty Risks

Insurance companies sell a product where the main component of the cost of production is not directly measurable. Therefore, the ...

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sigma insurance reports offer In-depth analysis of economic trends and strategic issues in insurance, reinsurance and financial services, covering life and non-life business.

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A case for a standardized claims data format

We've recently conducted a reserving benchmark study on the Belgian market. We asked our clients to set reserves for ...

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