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The way ahead for our millennials

As always, the Global Risks Report, published annually by the World Economic Forum, provides government and private sector decision-makers with ...

STORY URL: Global Risks Report 2014 | Swiss Re - Leading Global Reinsurer
High unemployment, the rising cost of education and an aging population...

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Fish bowl thoughts on funding longer lives

In our bowl we discussed a lot about paradigm shift – on an individual, but also corporate level. So imagine how ...

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Immigration and public sector debt

This recent report complied by the Office for Budget Responsibility suggests that allowing more than 140,000 immigrants into Britain ...

STORY URL: Britain needs millions more immigrants to reduce strain of ageing population - Telegraph
Britain may need millions more immigrants over the next 50 years to reduce the "unsustainable" pressure that the ageing population is putting on the economy, the official forecaster has said.

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