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A health care system that serves the patient

So just how private should your health data be? Most of us wouldn't want our brushes with illness shared ...

STORY URL: Live better, together! | PatientsLikeMe
PatientsLikeMe: Share your experiences with treatments. Find patients just like you. Learn from others who know. Join now!

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Update - Preventive breast cancer vaccine

Preventive breast cancer vaccine development takes a step forward. Researchers at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute found that a ...

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Diabesity- are we ready? ........................Google is..

By 2030, more than half a billion of world population would be suffering from Diabetes. The rapid increase in diabetes ...

STORY URL: Diabetes 'smart lens' tested by Google

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Disease and faster 'Biological' Ageing

An international team of scientists led by the University of Leicester has found new evidence that links faster 'biological' ageing ...

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Who cares?

The achievement of longer lives brings with it challenges. Thanks to the reduction of infectious diseases in many countries, this ...

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Who is funding the research?

The so-called 'dementia epidemic' is thought to be as a result of our changing demographic profile with regard to longer ...

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Health costs over longer life spans

For some, living longer means needing to manage health problems for longer periods. While we know that maximizing the effectiveness ...

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