Welcome to Open Minds

The Open Minds dialogue platform has been launched to coincide with our 150 Years Anniversary. It’s a place to exchange views on the risks we’ll face in the future in areas such as funding longer lives, partnering for food security, managing climate and natural disaster risk and advancing sustainable energy solutions. Alongside our clients and employees, we invite citizens, organisations and governments to discuss how we can come together to help find answers to some of the world’s biggest challenges. We're looking to raise awareness of these issues and start a dialogue with our stakeholders – clients and brokers, other partners, governments, NGOs and the general public.

Help be a part of it!

You can help by sharing stories, experiences, news and data on the blog, contributing to the discussions and sharing interesting stories with your networks.

This is your guide to how the blog works and how you can contribute.

First steps

Go to the Open Minds blog at openminds.swissre.com

If you just want to read, you don't need to log in.

All content relates to at least one of the five categories:

Browse & find content

Select a Category or Subcategory

Click on a Category or Subcategory to display the respective content

Sort content

The current view can be sorted by the predefined filters in the dropdown menu (Featured content, most recent or most popular)


Enter a search term (word, location, name or tag) in the search field and 'Load stories'

Manage & access user profile information

To add a story or comment on an existing post you need to be logged in to Open Minds. You can use an existing social media account (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google) or create an account with your e-mail address. You can get involved in the discussion by commenting on existing posts and / or posting your own.

To log in to the Open Minds blog, click 'Log in / Register' in the top right-hand corner of the site.

Log in with your Open Minds account

If you already have an account, enter your email address and password.

Log in with a social media profile

You can log in using an existing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google account.
Click on the respective button and follow the instructions on the pop-up page.

Your posts will display your photo and social media username.

Create a user profile

Add your real name and surname into the display field. Please add an e-mail address of your choice – this won't be publicly displayed; only Swiss Re administrators will see it.

Manage your user profile

Once you have logged in, you can manage your user profile. You can access your profile by clicking on your name e.g. 'Nicole Schlemmer' in the example below. Then click 'Edit' to open your profile in edit mode.

You can upload a profile photo, share about yourself and where you work, change your email address or password and manage the social media accounts you want to share with the public. Input fields marked with will not be visible to any other users.

You'll receive notification emails when other users comment on or liked your posts. You can manage the frequency of these mails in the 'Notifications' tab.

Access other users' profiles

Click on a user's name in a story or comment to view their profile page. Below the profile information you can see the stories the user has created, commented or added as favorite.

Join the discussion – add your story

Once you've logged in, you can post your stories on the Open Minds dialogue platform. Click 'Add story' and follow these steps to post and share with your network:


Enter a title (think like a journalist writing a headline).

Select a category and subcategory

Choose a category and optionally a subcategory by ticking the relevant boxes. Select 'Other' if your story doesn't relate to the four options provided.

Select location

Then add where your story takes place. Leave blank if your story is not location specific.

Add your tags

Define the main keywords of your story by adding tags. Just type and hit enter when you finished typing a tag or select one proposed.

Share your story

Add your story (make it personal, engaging, striking) in the box provided. The blog is intended to

generate dialogue, so ask users questions in your story.

Add media

'Add photo' lets you upload an image. 'Add video' by pasting the URL of a YouTube or Vimeo video into pop-up field. If you need help posting videos contact social_media@swissre.com. 'Add link' let's you highlight a link to a story or website you want to share. Make sure you own the rights for images and videos when adding them to your post. If you base your post on other people's work, always acknowledge them as the source. If you use images, video or text created by others, please link to the original directly using the 'add link' option. If in doubt contact social_media@swissre.com.


Submit your story for posting to the blog.

Continue the discussion - share and comment

Share your story

Please feel free to share your and others' posts with your networks. You can do this via social media share buttons or by directly emailing your contacts.


Once logged in, select a story you'd like to comment on.
Click where you see the word 'Comments' or open the story by 'Read more'.
Write your reply and click 'Post'.